The goal of the website was to both introduce the app, the cash-back concept & experience the app while scrolling.


The website started as a single-page website on its initial phase, now a full fledged website with blog.

Its unique scrolling effect was my idea to have a fixed phone on the left, in order to see the app screen change while you scroll.

UX & UI Design

Usually, I would say that any brand should use just one primary color. Take this site as an example: my6sense. You can easily spot what’s the primary color. This makes brands identifiable and recognized. With rubiix, however, we took a different approach, and used multiple colors, and not just one.

“We decided to use many different colors to represent the many aspects of a person’s personality.”
~ Mike Lachar, co-founder of rubiix


My interview with rubiix

“In this video, I interview Mike Lachar from rubiix about the WordPress website I developed for their cash-back app. We also talk about why color-wise, this website took a bold direction.”

Tools used to create the website