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Welcome! My name’s Roy “Shepard” Eyal, and I’ve been developing custom WordPress websites since 2007. I have a Bachelor's degree in Psychology & Sociology, and I aim to bridge the gap between man and machine.

It’s about you

Developing a website is more than just about programing code using PHP, jQuery, CSS, SASS, GIT or what have you. It’s about getting to know you first; It’s about taking part in every aspect of your website. Your website is more than just code.

It’s about being creative

I was always a peoples person, and I a creative one. A website is more than just programming: It’s being creative; about getting to know you; Ot’s about how to bridge the gap between you and the machine. And this is where I come in: Program for the people.

It’s about being a team

Developing a website is first and foremost about teamwork and communication. It’s about sitting together and making sure you have the perfect website by studying and analyzing you business, clients and needs. Also, I will teach you, empower you and premium plugins that I pay for on an annual basis for free.

How Does It Work?​

1. Content Discovery

We delve into the inner workings of your business. I have to understand you & your business first.

2. Website Planning

We design the wireframe for the homepage & establish content hierarchy before writing a single line of code

3. Design

Me and one of my favorite designers will make sure your website will be nothing short of amazing.

4. Development

From digital paper to a WordPress website. You’ll be able to see the progress on a temporary location.

5. Q/A

Time to test your website on all the latest major browsers on both desktop and mobile.

6. Launch!

All systems are go! Congrats. Now you have months of free tech & bug support.

7. Learn

I will teach you how to use your website. I work hard, so you’ll have it easy to maintain your website without any help.

8. Tech Support

Time for 1 year of free tech & bug support. My goal is to make sure you won’t need me anymore. But rest assured, I got your back.

Roy Eyal | רועי אייל
(Photo coming soon)


That’s me. When I’m not developing WordPress websites I film & edit videos for my YouTube channel or rock my bass.

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