Tyree Vance

Tyree Vance is a transformation coach. He travels to schools and universities around the U.S. and helps young people express themselves using workshops and engaging lectures.

The Challenge

I see Tyree Vance as the real thing. He has passion for he does, and I wanted people to see that he’s the real deal. I wanted people to see him in action, and make it tedious to do so. Not only that, but he is a true scholar, and the design has to show it.

My Approach

  • He’s both a humble person, and holds 2 bachelor’s degrees. So we opted to use a stylized font to make the headings personal.
  • I used blue and gold as the primary colors to convey academic-ness.

UX & UI Design

Tyree Vance

I wanted everyone to see Tyree’s passion, so the first section has a background video with Tyree in action. That’s how visitors can get the sense of what Tyree is all about, without forcing them to watch a video.

Tyree Vance

However, I challenged Tyree to make an introduction video, and he rose to the occasion and made a great personal 1 minute introductory video.

I avoid using popups, so the call to action (which is his mailing list) is in the middle of the homepage, and on the footer on every page.

For social proof we used a sample of testimonials and select companies that he worked with.

The logo carries best of both worlds: It has both his signature & his name in clear uppercase letters.

Tyree Vance
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  • Language: English
  • Client: Tyree Vance
  • UX & UI: me
  • Design: me