Therapy Tel Aviv

…and together made it [the homepage] much more refined; definitely skimmable, and so much clear.


Nitsan made  to Israel and she’s a psychotherapist who wants to stand out in the crowd. She already had a website (, but it wasn’t converting at all.

Therapy Tel Aviv notes
Therapy Tel Aviv notes


I suggested her to focus on the Aliyah niche. She didn’t want this to will limit her client base, but she understood during our meetings that this will help her standout, be easily remembered & recognized.

That process [working on the content] was really important


It took us several meetings just to plan the homepage, the slogan and the right structure. I added the steps taken when hiring her services.

The Effects

  • The word has spread, and she’s synonymous with psychotherapy & Aliyah.
  • The form has built-in options for choosing a subject. She can now reply faster & more effectively.

Tools used to create the website

  • ThemeGeneratePress
  • Page builderElementor  (use code: ROYEYAL for 10% off the PRO version. This is not an affiliate code; just a discount code the guys from Elementor were kind enough to give me).

Gear used for creating the video