Ronit Mey-Tal

The Challenge

Develop a friendly and easy to use family counseling and parental guidance WordPress website.

My Approach

First and foremost, the client had to understand that it’s about the value she brings, not her. Once she embraced this idea, we had easier time creating the content and structure of the website.

UX & UI Design

Before writing a line of code, I sat with the client and we wrote down her goals, site purpose, who are her clients, and what is the most important aspect of her website according to her.

Ronit Mey-Tal
Ronit Mey-Tal
Homepage midsection and footer

Homepage structure:

  • Slogan
  • Services (short, and to the point)
  • About Ronit Mey-Tal (along with her welcome video)
  • Parental tips & tricks (her blog, using a cart layout)
  • Testimonials
Ronit Mey-Tal


  • All posts have a custom “back to the blog” button, created using Elementor and is added using one of OceanWP’s hooks via a plugin.

Tools used to create the website


  • Language: Hebrew
  • Client: Ronit Mey-Tal
  • UX/UI: Me
  • Design: Me

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