Norma Productions


Showcase each of Norma Productions’ of movies with the right amount information, photos and awards.


Every production is a post, and is edited via the page builder Elementor to achieve a result that is currently impossible to achieve in any other page builder with such simplicity.

Norma Productions

UX & UI Design

After lots of research and considerations, we decided that each production will have the following structure:

  • Title
  • Credits and basic information
  • Poster that also doubles as the trailer for the movie/production
  • Slider: Best reviews
  • 3-5 most important awards and achievements
  • Arrow to next section
  • Synopsis (movie tagline and then expand on it)
  • Photo gallery (stills and behind the scenes)
  • Director, cast and crew credits
  • Supporting organizations

Norma Productions



  • Client: Assaf Amir
  • Language: English
  • UX & UI: me
  • Design: Irit Shani

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