Leaping Point

The Challenge

Develop a friendly and easy to use family counseling and parental guidance WordPress website.

Leaping Point

My Approach

Client already had a website with texts. The homepage was all about her, so as always, I told her that it’s not about her, but about the value she provides as a coach. Then we were set to make her a website that will help potential clients understand how she stands out from the crowd.

Leaping Point
About page and blog

UX & UI Design

Some random tidbits about the design:

Logo – Her logo is quite big. so I decided her logo should be big and centered, and it will shrink to the website name only when the sticky header will be activated.

Testimonials on the about page – I told Moriyah to take screenshots of all the loving texts and messages she receives on a weekly basis. The homepage has select ones with text only.

Services – She has 2 types of services, and each has a few options to choose from.

Leaping Point
Homepage latest posts and testimonials

Tools used to create the website


  • Language: Hebrew
  • Client: Moriyah Robbin-Kessous
  • UX & UI: me
  • Design: me