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Fight TLV

Fight TLV


Fight TLV wanted to stand out in the martial arts crowd in Tel Aviv, make a strong first impression for newcomers, appear on Google’s first page search results, increase user sign-ups from the homepage, display all the classes on the homepage and make the schedule mobile friendly.

Fight TLV's Old Website
Fight TLV’s Old Website


Instead of going for the clichéd “dark and gritty”, we mostly for light colors and blue as the prominent color (also because of the proximity to the sea).

The sign-up form is right under the hero header, with all the right keyword phrases and a minimal and effective, copy.

We’re also showing all the information for trainees right after: classes and schedule.


Challenge: Timetables are cumbersome on mobile

Solution: Advanced mobile-friendly timetable

Instead of using a regular table, we opted using an advanced (and free) plugin (Timetable and Event Schedule) that looks amazing on mobile.

Challenge: Minimize homepage navigation friction for newcomers

We want display classes & coaches information on the homepage without the forcing visitors to go away from the homepage.

Solution: AJAX portfolio

Click a coach or class name to load an external page (technically, a custom post type) in real-time via AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML). I used an advanced feature of the Enfold theme, used with custom jQuery script.

The Effects

  • Monetary: Sign ups have skyrocketed.
  • Mobile friendly: Trainees now view the timetable on their smartphones.
  • SEO boost: Site is now on the front page of Google when searching “Martial Arts Tel Aviv”.

Tools used to create the website

Gear used for creating the video