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Fight TLV


Fight TLV approached me to upgrade their website. They wanted to make a strong first impression for newcomers, appear on Google’s search results (first page if possible), increase user sign-ups from the homepage, display all the classes on the homepage and make the schedule mobile friendly.

Fight TLV's Old Website
Fight TLV’s Old Website


Challenge: Timetables are cumbersome on mobile

Solution: Advanced mobile-friendly timetable

Instead of using a regular table, we opted using an advanced (and free) plugin (Timetable and Event Schedule) that looks amazing on mobile.

Challenge: Minimize homepage navigation friction for newcomers

We want display classes & coaches information on the homepage without the forcing visitors to go away from the homepage.

Solution: AJAX portfolio

Click a coach or class name to load an external page (technically, a custom post type) in real-time via AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML). I used an advanced feature of the Enfold theme, used with custom jQuery script.


Challenge: Find an effective slogan. 3 to 5 words.

Solution: We ended using the slogan: TRAIN FOR LIFE.

Challenge: Minimize sign-up friction

Solution: Keep it simple, and accessible.

Provide a free trial membership, cut the amount of fields, compact design, and add the option to call. Also, make the phone number a link.

The Effects

Monetary: Sign ups have skyrocketed.

Mobile friendly: Trainees now view the timetable on their smartphones.

SEO boost: Site is now on the front page of Google when searching “Martial Arts Tel Aviv”.

Tools used to create the website

Gear used for creating the video