Entrepreneur’s Investment Office


The Entrepreneur’s Investment Office Limited is an international investment firm. These types of websites are always conservative in design, but this one has a very modern look and feel while keeping it professional and business oriented.

Just in case you’re wondering, the client insisted on having no logo, and on using the goldfish graphic on the homepage. So, go.. fish.

Entrepreneur’s Investment Office


The client supplied the texts which are presented beautifully across the main pages. Using small chunks of information helps getting their message.

As for colors, we  used a royal blue color along with reds.

Entrepreneur’s Investment Office

UX & UI Design

Vertical Loop designed custom icons for the website, and we used subtle textures for the backgrounds.

Headers feature background images to keep each page visually pleasing.

There’s page navigation at the bottom of each page.

Entrepreneur’s Investment Office

Tools used to create the website



Looks like the website is back to its old version on WIX for some reason, so I’m linking to the WordPress installation instead.

Old WIX website: https://entioffice.com

New WordPress website: http://eio.wpengine.com